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  • Terms & Conditions of Hire

  • Guildhall Events Service is also know as GHES

    1. Explanation of terms
    1.1 `Contract' means a contract for the hire of equipment concluded by the acceptance by GHES of an order pursuant to condition 2.
    1.2 `Equipment' means the equipment described or any individual item thereof.
    1.3 `Hire Charge' means the amount payable by the Hirer to GHES for the hire of the equipment for the agreed hire period.
    1.4 `Hire Period' means a period starting on the date the equipment is despatched or collected by the hirer and ending on the date which the equipment is returned to GHES.
    1.5 `Hirer' means the name of the person or company hiring the equipment from GHES.

    2. Orders
    GHES shall only accept an order for the hire of equipment provided that it is in writing, and signed by the Hirer or authorised signatory of the Hirer. The written confirmation of the order, signed by GHES authorised signatory constitute a contract, subject to these Terms and Conditions. Any Terms and Conditions in the Hirers order or other documentation, whatsoever, which are inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions will have no effect.

    3. Hire of equipment
    3.1 GHES hereby hires to the Hirer the equipment for the Period of the hire for the Hire Charge.
    3.2 GHES reserves the right to supply equipment of similar or better specifications to the equipment ordered.
    3.3 All descriptions, specification, weights dimensions, and drawings supplied by GHES are only intended as a general indication of the goods to which they refer. They form no part of the contract.
    3.4 GHES reserve the right to change specifications without notice.
    3.5 The hirer shall be responsible for determination of the suitability of the equipment for the proposed purpose or use.
    3.6 The hirer shall ensure that the equipment is installed in a suitable and safe manner.
    3.7 The hirer shall ensure that the operator of the equipment is competent to do so, and has a working knowledge of that type of equipment.
    3.8 The hirer shall ensure that each item of equipment is compatible with other items hired, or is compatible with other items of equipment from other sources.
    3.9 The equipment shall not be removed from any site originally specified by the customer without prior written permission from GHES.

    4. Hire Charge
    4.1 Hire CharGHES commence from the date stated in the contract and are payable for the hire period.
    4.2 Equipment must be returned by 12 noon on the day of return. Any equipment not returned for whatsoever reason; loss, theft etc. shall remain on hire at the full daily rate until a resolution has been reached.
    4.3 All cables must be returned neatly coiled and taped, as supplied. Failure to do so will result in a charge of £2.50 per lead for recoiling.
    4.4 GHES may provide spare lamps where appropriate. These lamps must be returned on completion of the hire. If lamps are used as replacement, the old dud lamps must be retained as proof. Any lamps not returned as described must be paid for.
    4.5 The Hirer shall pay any delivery and packing charGHES where appropriate.
    4.6 All sums due from the Hirer to GHES shall be subject to V.A.T. at the current rate.
    4.7 Where credit facilities have been setup, the Hirer shall pay GHES invoices within 30 days of the invoice date.
    4.8 GHES reserve the right to charge the Hirer interest at the rate of 4% above the mean base rate on all invoices which are not paid in accordance with 4.7. Interest will also be payable as well after as before any judgment obtained in respect thereof.
    4.9 Where no credit facilities are setup or granted the hirer must pay all charGHES by credit card with the order. Any further charGHES occurring during or after the hire period will be charged to the same credit card account as they occur, and without prior notice.

    5. Delivery
    5.1 Any times and dates of delivery of equipment are approximate only. GHES shall not be liable for any delay howsoever caused.

    6. Electrical Equipment
    6.1 Any equipment must be used as supplied with the plugs and sockets fitted. If other plugs and sockets are required, they must be specified at the time of ordering.
    6.2 If any items are returned with plugs or sockets removed or missing, GHES with charge for their replacement and or refitting in full.

    7. Equipment failure
    7.1 The hirer shall ensure that the equipment remains clean and serviceable during the hire period.
    7.2 Any breakdown or unsatisfactory working of equipment shall be reported to GHES immediately.
    7.3 The customer shall under no circumstances attempt to repair the equipment.
    7.4 Any damage, damaged or unsatisfactory equipment must be returned to GHES at the Hirers cost.
    7.5 If the equipment is involved in an accident resulting in damage to either equipment or property or injury to any person, the hirer shall inform GHES immediately.
    7.6 Any item of equipment returned unsatisfactory, as a result of either 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, the hirer shall be liable for the repair or replacement of the equipment. GHES shall determine the cost and suitability of a repair. Any item determined unsuitable or impractical for repair must be paid for in full at the replacement value. GHES will determine the replacement cost.
    7.7 Any equipment returned damaged, missing, or unsuitable for rehire shall remain on hire at the full daily rate until the situation is rectified.

    8. Loss, Damage, Insurance
    8.1 The hirer shall be responsible for the insurance of the equipment from the time it leaves GHES, or is delivered to the hirer, until it is return to GHES.
    8.2 Where the Hirer declares that the equipment has been lost or stolen, the hirer shall pay GHES on demand the full replacement value of the equipment without deduction for usage wear and tear or age.
    8.3 Where the equipment is returned damaged, dirty, or in an unfit state, The Hirer shall pay GHES on demand the cost of repair or cleaning, or rectification. GHES shall decide upon the cost. Where GHES decide that a repair or cleaning is not suitable, the Hirer shall pay GHES on demand the full cost of replacement without deduction for usage wear and tear or age. All equipment shall remain on hire at the full daily rate until replacement, repair or resolution has been made.
    8.4 GHES will inform the Hirer on request, of the replacement value of the equipment for insurance purposes.

    9. Termination
    9.1 GHES shall be entitled to terminate any hire where;
    (a) The hirer is in breech of these terms; or
    (b) The hirer’s solvency is considered to be in doubt by GHES.
    Any termination shall not affect GHES right to payment in any way.
    9.2 The hirer herby authorises GHES to enter any property upon which GHES reasonably believe any equipment to be and GHES may recover and remove the equipment.